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Full Groom includes bathing using quality products, hand drying and clipping/scissoring to your specification, and nail clipping/ear plucking where required to finish. We do not use cabinet or crate dryers -  towels and hand driers are our preferred method .


Bath and tidy includes bathing using quality products, hand drying and nail clipping (no clipping or scissoring of coat involved).


Prices for the above start from £20 and are dependent on the breed, size, and condition of your dog. We are happy to give a pre-groom quote.


Puppy introductory visits are free of charge up to the age of 6 months. Early experiences stay with a dog for life and an unhappy  first grooming experience can result in a dog that is at best uncomfortable with the process or at worse aggresssive.  We encourage multiple visits of short duration to gradually introduce your puppy to the sights, sounds and sensations of the grooming process using positive rewarding methods. Customers who use this service are entitled to a discounted first full groom














Dog grooming for your best friend with a little TLC added in for free

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